Sunday, February 17, 2008

And NOW for something completely different...!

Monty Python does Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights in semaphore:

Hee hee. That certainly cheers up this blustery, drizzly, miserable winter day!

And because, given mine and Michael's predilection for both Emily "Ellis Bell" Brontë and Kate Bush, the posting of the following video is inevitable, I give you also Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights":

Hoping that's made the rest of your weekend bearable...


Graeme said... monday is that much less manic now. I remember my prof for brit lit showing us these just after finishing Wuthering Heights...Way back, ooh, about 11 months ago. Am I strange for posting comments and being a complete stranger? Oh well.

Michael Collins said...

Not strange at all, Graeme! In fact, I think we all appreciate someone reading the things we write, so thank you for leaving comments.

I've only just realized now, Kate Bush's rather OTT dance moves somewhat resemble Catherine's semaphore flag movements at some points.

4 weeks at #1 in 1978. Only in the UK!

Graeme said...

Very cool. This blog breaks up my mind-numbingly monotonous work-week.