Monday, February 25, 2008

A little bit of fun

I think I've spooked myself! I haven't made a peep since my first post (a full-on treatise about transhumanist anxiety in The Time Machine), and I think it's because I haven't felt moved (nor have I had the time) to make a long, involved, close-reading of another specific Brit-Lit text. I've been reading Mavis Beacon and finding days slipping away without knowing where they're going to (ending with a preposition! I do not apologize!)

But I must get over this. I must restart the word-generating machines in my brainstuff.

So! To that end: Natalie has already outed me as a RAVING Bronte maniac (I once went on pilgrimage to the Haworth parsonage for a birthday --- get the picture?). I'll speak to that with a round of . . . . (cue the theme music)

Bronte Novel Word Association! I hear this was being optioned by the networks just before the resolution of the writers' strike.

Let's do 'em chronologically, eh?

The Professor: Perverse!
Agnes Gray: Patient.
Wuthering Heights: Primordial.
Jane Eyre: Smoldering.
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Outraged.
Shirley: Distracted.
Vilette: Desolate.

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN, tiny percentage of people who have read the entire Bronte canon!

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Natalie said...

No, I didn't get the picture. Will you be posting it soon? ;) (Har, har... *Dodges rotten tomato.*)

I bought Tenant on your recommendation. Haven't gotten around to it just yet, but I'm still looking forward to it. You made quite the case for it!